FAQ: Bedlam Hall - A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game

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That lovely piece of music is "Gouttes" by Hicham Chahidi. Last updated: Mon, Feb 13 2017 1:04 pm EST

  1. One element used was the inclusion of "Rolling with Something Extra" - (rolling with three dice and taking the best two). This was something we had initally used in "Spirit of 77" and we really liked it as an alternative to a straight +1 mechanic. 2. Another addition is the idea of the service staff vying for "Prestige". Prestige represents the pecking order of the staff which can be used for different dice rolls and/or advancement. It's similar in nature to "Heat" in World Wide Wrestling RPG. 3. Each character also harbors their own Secrets, which is used similar in a fashion to Strings from Monsterhearts, but specify specific skeletons in the closet that people use against one another. 4. And finally, players also gain the option of a Cruel Move. Cruel Moves are automatic moves that players can do which cause trouble for everyone, whether they be getting all of the staff in trouble with An Expensive Theft, causing everyone physical damage with An Uncomfortable Apertif, or perhaps just thrashing the most annoying person about the head and shoulders with A Serious Altercation. (That isn't to be performed against the GM, of course. Well, you could but there's no game mechanic for it.) Last updated: Thu, Feb 16 2017 9:08 pm EST

The physical book will be 150-175 pages, with a full color softcover. Inside artwork will be black and white. The book will be including game mechanics, character creation, setting and an introductory adventure "A Simply Dreadful Birthday Party". When read backwards, it will open a doorway that will transport... oh sorry, wrong question. Last updated: Thu, Feb 16 2017 9:06 pm EST

No, no. Don't worry about that for now. You'll see. Last updated: Thu, Feb 16 2017 9:06 pm EST

The term was coined by Derek Tatum, horror director for DragonCon. His definition is the genre that compromises “contemporary Gothic and Victorian-inspired Horror, Dark Fantasy, and Spooky Pop Culture.” We had stumbled upon the term when seeking out comparisons to the genre, and Derek's definition was perfect. (We also have his blessing to use the phrase.) Last updated: Mon, Feb 20 2017 6:20 pm EST

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