Bedlam Hall - A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game

Created by Monkeyfun Studios, LLC

Bedlam Hall - A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game
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A dreadpunk tabletop rpg combining Downton Abbey with the Addams Family, including backstabbing politics and horrible secrets.

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$23,182.00 / 631 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Considering Indecipherable Correspondence
10 months ago – Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 01:02:41 AM

Hello again, my lovelies...

As we continue to diligently work on sending out as many parcels as we can, we thought we would take a moment to respond to a smattering of your questions and comments regarding our current status and shipping.

Messr. Steven White writes,

"I probably missed something, but my package arrived today without the hard copy of Bedlam Hall. Is this being shipped separately later?"

That is correct, dear Steven. For those of you who are abroad in Canada, Europe and elsewhere outside of the States, you will be receiving two packages in the post - one from us that will contain your Gruel Truck parcel and additional physical items, and the physical Bedlam Hall book directly from DrivethruRPG (if that is what your backer level entails). Have no fear, my friends. We will make certain you will get what's coming to you.

The Reverend Hoddypeak from the Buena Yurba area writes us regarding the Gruel Truck text indicating,

"You know. No one else is going to say it so I feel that I should step forward and speak for someone who cannot speak for himself. Hothgar the Unpleasant's Yelp reviews were terribly unfair."

We tend to agree, gentle parson. Hothgar the Unpleasant is a terrible victim of both circumstance and unfortunate parentage, although we're told his parents, Mr. and Mrs. The Unpleasant are fine, upstanding individuals. We will do what we can to correct this terrible slander in his name.

Lady Stokesberry wrote us regarding our timetables - 

"Do you guys have a plan of when mom expedited shipping will start?"

Excellent question, Lady Stokesberry! We believe motherhood is the necessity of invention, of course. Although we tend to believe you meant when more expedited shipping will begin. However, we have decided to err on the side of caution and wrapped the Lady Dowager in brown paper and twine, taping her mouth and hands securely so no nosy postal workers would dare question the bundle's contents. For other shipping, we have completed all expedited backers, and are now making our rounds through normally shipped packages and solitary book orders. We are targeting a completion date of all shipments by the first week of October, provided Mama does not free herself again. She is quite spry for her age.

Well, enough of our pleasantries, we need to get back to our mailings here at the Hall. We do hope you have a pleasant remainder of the month.

Ta, darlings!

~Your friends at Monkeyfun

Concerning Natural Catastrophes and the Escape of Unnatural Terrors
10 months ago – Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 07:51:30 PM

Hello once again, my lovelies...

Oh my, have we been tardy in our correspondence? Our sincerest apologies for such unconscionable behavior. We would never want you to think you weren't in our thoughts at all times. For you are. Always. Yes, always. Not like those others, they don't care about you like we do. 

Of course we, like so many others, have been preoccupied with overcoming terrible events that have been plaguing our friends and loved ones, a blightful scourge that has been ripping families apart, threatening lives and homes and making us question the existence of a loving and merciful existence beyond our own.

We are, of course, speaking about GenCon. And so many of you came over to us during the event to say hello, shake our hands and try to convince us not to release Bedlam Hall for the good of a tired and weary world. We truly sympathize with your tearful requests and wish we could accommodate. But we can't. It's too late - we have already begun shipping to our Expedited Backers and have begun to slowly carve upon the rest of you. (In a manner of speaking, of course).

It's terrible, we know. The dread and suspense of wondering when these... things will be appearing at your doorstep, knowing there is no way to forestall the inevitability of its arrival. We assure you with loving and tender hearts, there is nothing you can do. It's coming. For all of you.

Ta, darlings!

~Your friends at Monkeyfun

Concerning the Madness of Seeking Perfection
11 months ago – Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 09:48:15 PM

Hello again, my lovelies,

It has been said that perfection is not a gift, but rather a temptation. To those who consider themselves artisans, craftsmen or creators of any sort, they know what it means to be plagued with the nagging tooth of what could be, what could be possible, if only we did not inhabit such mortal shells plagued with frailties and limitations. 

So we continue the refinement of our efforts, pursue improvement to our meager skills in order to barely approach that which has driven some of us to madness. Our best never being quite good enough, driving us further with an unhealthy obsession. Other infringements upon our time and attention, such as our friends and loved ones, even our health, these things rarely matter in our pursuit of achieving that which has not existed before - a perfect demonstration of our craft, that can never be replicated once it has been obtained.

I am hesitant to say that we ourselves are not above such attentions and obsessive behavior. You should see our sock drawer, really. We have begun matching mates by thickness - it's the only thing that truly matters. But we have also applied these compulsions to Bedlam Hall, which we feel you deserve. As such, we have made revisions to the electronic text that have been graciously suggested by many of you (a special word of thanks to Mr. Richard Forster), and have made this new electronic version available through BackerKit. These changes have also been applied to our physical copy that has been submitted to DrivethruRPG, and we are expecting a new proof to review in the mail.

In the meantime, we have also provided Character Sheet templates also through Backerkit, which is now available for download as well. Now you have the option of running your friends through quick jaunts to Bedlam Hall as we continue our determined pursuit of providing you the finest publication possible.

Once our sock drawer is re-organized.


~Your Friends at Monkeyfun

Concerning Lost Aviators and Digital Distribution
11 months ago – Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 08:43:53 PM

Hello hello, my lovelies -

Amelia Earhart was a fine woman. Her courage and determination to transverse our globe is an inspiration to us all, to do so on her own terms without fear or hesitation. A jump into the unknown, as it were. We salute that type of lion-hearted pluck, and find great leadership in challenging the unknown.

The fact she was never seen again should be irrelevant.

We say this, because as we are readying ourselves for our trip to GenCon 50 in Indiana, it occurred to us that we too may disappear from the face of the earth, leaving future generations to wonder whatever happened to that Kickstarter project from those monkey people. Fear not, allow us to share our good tidings with you -

Our wait for printer approval has now been concluded, and we have requested a physical proof copy of both Bedlam Hall and Gruel Truck! for final inspection. In the meantime, we have distributed the digital download to all of you beautiful people who have invested in this endeavor and provided us with all your vital information. Once the physical copies have been reviewed, we will begin the physical distribution of the expedited copies and materials. Once those have been distributed, we will continue to those of you who opted for a regular, leisurely timeline. And well done for that, might we add. We applaud your patience. 

If you will be in attendance for GenCon, come find us sharing space with the Exile Game Studio chaps at an area somewhere between Booths 1929 and 2029. It will be a mystery to us too, not unlike where Amelia Earhart eventually ended up. 

We will be sending additional correspondence to those of you who have ordered personalized game sessions in order to schedule your game appointment after we return from Indiana. (Provided we do, of course). We will also be reaching out to you lucky souls who dared to brave our seance dinner at a secret mysterious location in the Los Angeles area, with all pertinent details of the event. Fear not, if we don't return, we will still reach out to you. It just may be in another form.

As always, ta, darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang

Concerning the Value of Patience and Outrunning Bloodthirsty Tigers
12 months ago – Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 07:55:59 PM

Hello once again, my lovelies -

The passage of time is a strange observance within one's mind. In certain circumstances such as a pleasurable Sunday in the park with the family, time seems to race by us with the speed and alacrity of quicksilver. Add an unfortunate side detail however, such as the park being filled with escaped man-eating tigers, and the participation of these same events can be quite lengthy in our observance of time. They can seem like they go on forever, especially when pursued by a man-eating tiger. Suddenly time no longer passes so expediently, although speed is now best observed in whether we are of a faster pace than our second cousin whom we were never that close to, come to think of it. We don't need to be faster than a tiger, just our cousin. Time, speed, and survival are ultimately a matter of perspective.

As such, we continue to wait for DrivethruRPG to approve the Bedlam Hall text in order to receive the proof copy and give our final approval. However, we assure you - although our hands have been accused of the devil's work, they are never, ever idle. As we wait, we have also completed the final layout and artwork for the accompanying mini-game, Gruel Truck. We are quite grateful for the excellent work provided by Mr. Scott Irwin and have also submitted the Gruel Truck text to DrivethruRPG. In order to tantalize and whet your appetite, allow us to show you the final cover artwork -

If you had previously opted to only receive Bedlam Hall, you may be reconsidering your previous choices and may wish to acquire Gruel Truck as well. Never fear, my loves. Professor Backerkit's delightful contraption still allows for you stragglers to keep pace with the rest of us and place your order (at this fine location). You will certainly not be in any disadvantage of course... and we would never ever release a man-eating tiger in your presence. Just to be certain though, we recommend you act soon.

As always, ta, darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang