Bedlam Hall - A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game

Created by Monkeyfun Studios, LLC

Bedlam Hall - A Macabre Victorian Role-Playing Game
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A dreadpunk tabletop rpg combining Downton Abbey with the Addams Family, including backstabbing politics and horrible secrets.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Concerning Seeking Approval from an Uncaring Universe
12 months ago – Sun, Jul 16, 2017 at 11:42:33 PM

Hello again, my lovelies...

Approval is something we all seek in our daily lives - approval from our loved ones, those we respect, that serves as an acknowledgment of our efforts. They signify a job well done, and a value to the struggles we attempt to surmount (both seen and unseen). 

Certain things in our lives, however, should not be approved - unseemly behavior in public, for example. Or taking actions that result in the flagrant harm of others. Or those awful cargo shorts we just refuse to retire from our wardrobe, knowing they go with nothing we own and make us look frumpy and disheveled in a social gathering. Ultimately, they are examples of a breaking of the social contract we share as members of society - overall we are making things worse, and if we consider ourselves to be productive and upstanding citizens of our shared community and ethic, we should refrain from such behaviors. They lessen our mutual values.

In order to overcome such slights and indiscretions, we must acknowledge our shortcomings and apologize for our behavior with humility and earnest. With that, we must sincerely apologize that Bedlam Hall has been submitted to DrivethruRPG for final approval before printing. We acknowledge this was wrong on our part, because it means the book's publishing is indeed about to occur. Perhaps DrivethruRPG may take serious steps in inhibiting this social faux pas from general release, it is quite possible that the law may be engaged to place some sort of injunction. But we truly doubt it, and cannot escape the fact that we're afraid Bedlam Hall is indeed on its way to being printed and for that, we hope you can forgive us in some fashion. 

Perhaps not today, and we understand this. We deserve nothing less than your scorn and disapproving glances. We're quite ashamed of our actions ourselves.

Of the Renderings of Scale

On other matters, we would also like to make a brief correction regarding the size of stickers that are being offered as part of our pre-order catalog. Technically it is not truly a correction because the size and dimensions of the stickers were not specified. However, we wanted to clarify that the size of the stickers that are available will be 3" by 3", with three distinct designs on each. We will indeed be changing the image available on BackerKit to better illustrate this change in design but for now, here is a quick photograph of the three designs:

Of Trips to Indianapolis

In regards to our upcoming visit to Indianapolis and the GenCon convention, we are both delighted and mortally frightened that all of our scheduled games are completed filled, and in fact were filled within the first day of the convention schedule's availability. For those of you who have signed up for one of our games, we really think you might want to re-consider and shan't take this personally if you opt to disappear into the night without a trace. This was how Uncle Howard left the family, you know. Or at least that was what we were told when we were very young that Howard left to go live on a farm with some of our older household pets. However, we will indeed be within the Dealer's Room Hall with fifteen thousand of our closest friends, peddling our wares. We will indeed be sharing a table with the good people of Exile Game Studio, makers of the fine product line, Hollow Earth Expedition. Although we doubt we will be running any additional games of either Bedlam Hall or Spirit of 77, we will be on hand to meet with you all and apologize personally for our terrible actions. It's the least we can do, consider these cargo shorts.

Until then, as always, ta, darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang

Concerning Illustrations and Improvements
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 24, 2017 at 07:23:32 PM

Hello again, my lovelies...

We have now begun the warm, pleasant descent into the sweltering torture known as summertime. I don't know about you, but summer holds special memories for me personally - a fond remembrance of days past in an idyllic, picturesque youth. I remember those fine, warm days cavorting around the swimming hole near our town, and the one summer when my aunt requested I whitewash our picket fence while my best friend Huckleberry and I discovered...

No, wait. No. I may be mis-remembering this.

In any event, progress continues as we do our reviews of the initial Bedlam Hall layout, along with some final adjustments that have proved necessary in order to sleep through the entire night. We keep finding strange imagery and markings on pages we had previously thought to be complete. However we continue to accommodate these strange turns of events whenever possible. It certainly must be our minds playing tricks on us again. You did hear that shrieking in the distance, didn't you? Our sincerest show of gratitude to our dear associate, Professor Violet Baldwin for calming our tattered nerves and clarifying items of note within the main text. "Defenestration" is a much harder word to spell correctly, it would appear.

Of Grueling Illustrations

In addition to our progress surrounding Bedlam Hall, we are pleased to announce we have enlisted the illustrative efforts of Mr. Scott Irwin for the interior art work for Gruel Truck! We knew Mr. Irwin was our sort of artist when he showed us his work involving a person welded to their own dog. 

It's conceptual. And indeed, we got it.

We will be sharing his initial sketches as they become available, and we promise no dog-welding will be taking place at this venture. We make no guarantees about our next project, however. 

Until our next update, we wish you pleasant thoughts and think of you often.

Ta darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang

Concerning Surprises and Ice Picks
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 08:43:43 PM

 Hello again, my lovelies.

Our update this week will remain quick and to the point, like a stabbing to the eye with an ice pick (in a loving way, of course).

  • We have begun layout on the main book. This will of course be our main focus for this month in order to make sure you receive your text as soon as possible.
  • We will indeed be at Gencon this year in the month of August. All of our scheduled games at the event have already sold out, which was a delightful and unexpected surprise. That's a bit of a redundancy on our parts, aren't all surprises unexpected? However, we will be on hand periodically within the dealer's room when we're not running games or avoiding the authorities as general practice. More on this soon.

There are surprises on the horizon so you should expect them soon! Wait. How does that... Never mind. Ta, darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang

Concerning Awful Certainty and Locked Doors
about 1 year ago – Wed, May 24, 2017 at 08:03:14 PM

Hello once again, my lovelies and welcome to update number lucky thirteen. Are you surprised to have made it this far? We know we are.

We cannot deny the passing of the hours. There is a dreaded realization within the steady ticking of the clock that serves as a constant reminder of the unyielding march of time. No matter who we are, where we dwell or what we attempt, we are all walking toward the grim finality that awaits us all in the end. 

...and that end is the publication of our efforts! Yes, we have made some great strides in the recent days, including:

  • Completion of the final artwork from Michael Tuck, whom we gratefully acknowledge as a true gentleman as he takes a well-deserved rest at the Murdstone Asylum for Nervous Behavior. From what we understand, he has been making excellent progress. 
  • Completion of the main text's editing by the World's Most Dangerous Editor, Bryan Whitlock. Mister Whitlock returned his recommended edits in a crimson-stained sack, stabbed to the front door with a large, carving implement. We're not sure at what point during the night it was delivered, but we've learned not to ask. 
  • Steady progress in the creation of both our Not Cursed At All Challenge Coin and sticker array. 
  • We are making preparations for overall page layout, and continue to finalize the text for our mini-RPG, Gruel Truck. 

Of Heavy Chains and Firmaments

We are exactly one week away from the end of the month, in which all profiles shall be considered finalized and locked down. This includes whatever personalized information you have requested within your initial order. If you have not filled out your survey or are harboring second thoughts on whether it's safe to attach your Christian name to anything associated with this horrid endeavor, now is the time to make any changes. We will be sending final reminders to those of you who have still not completed your surveys via Professor Backerkit's marvelous contraption. 

...and with that, we take our leave. In our next update, we will be sharing details regarding our schedule at GenCon and a few other items of note. Until then, as always, ta, darlings!

~The Monkeyfun Gang

Concerning Things Hidden and Within View
about 1 year ago – Wed, May 10, 2017 at 09:43:12 PM

A fine hello to you, my lovelies - 

There has been so much terrible progress on Bedlam Hall, we are simply beside ourselves with excitement and not just because we've taken to talking to our reflections in the mirror again. We're certain that is quite normal behavior. Especially when we hear voices talking back to us from behind the glass. 

We would't want to seem rude, now would we?

Of Unsettling Designs 


We have received the final proof copy of the Not Cursed At All Challenge Coin and we must say, it looks rather sharp. We consider ourselves pleased with our fortune in finding a jeweler's shop willing to melt down the original casting of the Bronze Scarab of Eh-Toh-Ta statue, because honestly, why let a death curse stand in the way of such beauty? Not that this was the case, of course. Nothing surrounding that theft is connected here whatsoever.

Of Progress Toward Consequences

In addition, we have also begun forwarding our initial draft to the World's Most Dangerous Editor, Bryan Whitlock, who has already begun sharpening his knives for the occasion. Our artist, Mr. Michael Tuck, is finishing up his final designs and all things move forward with uneasy speed.  

Of Congregations Most Foul

We also would like to inform you all that our scheduled Bedlam Hall games at this year's GenCon have been approved and will be available for those in attendance. After fifty years of service, it's quite possible they given up all hope and will allow things to burn to a terrible conclusion. And what better to do that with, than with live demonstrations of both Bedlam Hall and Spirit of 77. If you catch us in a puckish mood, we may even do a game of Gruel Truck amongst you lucky few. 

We will continue to keep you up to date on what is occurring at the Hall, both here and other locations. Trust us, we know you'll find the way.

Ta darlings!  

~The Monkeyfun Gang